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Fair Housing Ain’t Fair – It’s EQUAL: We start with the basics and discuss the issues and situations faced during a “normal day at the office”. We’ll identify fair housing protected classes and how to manage our words and actions so that you and your team are “Fair Housing Friendly”; learn how to implement industry best practices to comply with the fair housing laws; practice effectively interacting with customers so as to avoid the most common fair housing pitfalls; and learn how to coach employees and contractors to ensure fair housing compliance.

NOTE: I also facilitate the NAAEI/IREM course, “Fair Housing & Beyond”. I am one of the SMEs for this course and have presented numerous classes.

Do Unto Others As THEY Want To Be Done Unto! Are you REALLY serving your customers or just talking about customer service? We’ll look at how to measure the effectiveness of customer service – what it looks and sounds like – to see where we are today. We’ll identify the attitudes, policies, and techniques used by the most successful companies and learn how to apply them to our daily operations. Whether you’re a Regional Manager, Community Manager or Maintenance Professional, you’ll learn how to manage your attitude and deliver customer service that REALLY serves your customers!

Telling Ain’t Selling – Shut Up and Let Them BUY! It’s simple – the less we talk, the more they buy! We’ll focus on what’s REALLY important: building rapport and determining the customers’ needs instead of presentations and closing. We’ll practice how to REALLY listen, and why the less we talk, the more they buy. Selling is NOT about closing techniques, overcoming objections and all the other so-called sales tricks that don’t benefit your customer. By focusing on “What’s In It for Them”, being interested instead of interesting, having a conversation instead of a presentation, and being a problem solver, you’ll return to your office with the tools and attitude you need to be a Leasing Superstar!

Presentations 101 – How to Make Your Point and Get What You Want: Life is sales and that means presentations! No matter what your job title is, you will benefit from learning how to use these basic presentation skills. I’ll show you how to identify the elements of a successful presentation and use them effectively; confidently prepare and deliver clear, concise presentations to employees, employers and customers; apply specific techniques for managing nervousness and building confidence; create presentations that incorporate complimentary audio-visual elements, appropriate to your topic and audience; and be a star, regardless of your audience, topic or venue!

On-Target, On-Site: The FUN-damentals of Managing and Leasing! Do you know what it takes to be the best in the ever-changing world of apartment management and leasing? And if you do know, are you doing it? Daily? Consistently? Effectively? If you’re like most apartment professionals, you answered “no” to at least one of those questions. Not to worry, though, because this workshop covers everything you’ll need to be the best – every day. Learn how to use the telephone to its best advantage, why features and benefits selling is no longer the way to go, and how to avoid the most common management mistakes!

Preventive Hiring: How many of your team members would you hire if they applied for a job today? How many times have you felt like the person who is working at your community is not the person you hired? Have you tried hiring for attitude instead of hiring for skill? Finding and keeping qualified employees has become our obsession. Learn how to distinguish between an applicant who interviews well and one who will perform well. You will get dozens of practical, hands-on techniques that will assist you in making one of the most important decisions you frequently face: “Should I hire this person?” We’ll focus on attitude-based selection vs. skill-based selection, effective interview techniques and questions, what to include on the employment application, how to check references, and other proven methods of increasing the probability of making a “good hire”.

NAAEI Designation Courses: As an NAAEI Faculty Member and Senior Instructor leading the Advanced Instructor Training course, I am experienced in the delivery of the CAPS, CAM, NALP and ROC courses and am available to present the entire course or individual modules.

The Apartment Doctor™ will create a custom keynote or seminar designed especially for your audience! Topics include Fair Housing, Customer Service, Coaching, Management, Human Resources, Marketing, Technology, Sales & Leasing, Finance, and just about any other Multifamily Industry topic. Tell us where it hurts and we’ll provide the Perfect Personal Prescription!

Preferred pricing is given to NAA Affiliates. For further information, and to check on availability, please call or write.

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